FWAY Royal Palm Literary Award Winners 2017

Congratulations to all of the 2017 winners!

Highest-Scoring Youth Entry/Unpublished Short Fiction, ages 12-15
Cease by Keven Lacayo

After death attacks a kid’s uncle, the kid holds a grudge over death. He begins to regret some words that were exchanged with death at his uncle’s funeral. He learns to forgive death when he finds him crying over his uncle’s grave.

Keven Lacayo is a talented 12-year-old boy who has a passion for reading and writing. He has won writing competitions in Florida and is a member of the MENSA for high IQ children.

FICTION Unpublished Short Fiction, ages 16-17 1st Place
Evangeline After Dark by Zach Thomas

Nineteen years since his freshman year at college, a callous Landon meets the daughter of his first love.

Zach Rohrbough (aka Zach Thomas) is an aspiring fifteen-year-old author, high school student, fellow of the Laura (Riding) Jackson Foundation, and a youth member of the Florida Writers Association.

Published Short Fiction, ages 12-15 1st Place
Destiny Calls by Yasmin Vuong

After losing her mother, Jesse strives for her dream.

Yasmin Vuong loves to read and write. She has won several competitions including the Royal Palm Literary Award and New Voice Young writers. She also enjoys playing basketball and violin.

Published Short Fiction, ages 12-15 2nd Place
Assassination Confrontation by Yasmin Vuong.

The boy who wants to see the world escapes the orphanage and sees how it really is.

Unpublished Short Fiction, ages 9-11 1st Place
Cleopatra: Do You Really Know Her? by Jacqueline Cook

A real-life Romeo and Juliet story comes to life in this hilarious, dramatic , and romantic story of Cleopatra.

Jacqueline Cook has been writing as long as she can remember. Plays are her passion, and her school has decided they want to put this play on at their annual picnic.

POETRY Unpublished Poetry, ages 16-17 1st Place
The 20th Century She by Carissa Clough

A poem about the transformation of women’s roles in the 20th century.

Carissa Clough is a sophomore and is co-president of the Creative Writing Club. Through her community organization, BRIDGE, Carissa installs Little Free Libraries in disadvantaged areas and organizes Proyecto Escribir.

Unpublished Poetry, ages 12-15 1st Place
Rose Touch by Sarina Patel

The author describes how a friendship blossoms and withers during the changing seasons.

Sarina Patel wrote her first poem at the age of five, and her love of writing hasn’t stopped since. When not writing, Sarina is buried nose-deep in a good book.

Unpublished Poetry, ages 12-15 2nd Place
Sticky Note by Sarina Patel

The author compares love to a sticky note.

Congratulations to everyone who entered this year. Let’s have even more in 2018!!!


Image courtesy Emily McCracken