The Florida Writers Association is a professional trade association where writers come to learn, build relationships, and cultivate their inner muses.

Our FWA Youth program is a statewide initiative for writers in middle and high school. We are determined to see young writers, regardless of their age or socio-economic condition, achieve more in school and in life through membership in Florida’s most prestigious writers association. The Florida Youth Writers program promotes a love of writing and literature. Our team of qualified leaders helps young writers in the following ways:

  • Teaching specialized workshops and classes
  • Cultivating kids’ creativity
  • Developing their writing ability
  • Teaching the building blocks of novel-writing
  • Encouraging teamwork with other talented young writers
  • Providing access to writing resources and activities
  • Hosting an annual youth writers conference
  • Offering a free entry into the Royal Palm Literary Awards
  • Offering the opportunity to enter the annual Collection Competition

All children should have a chance to live out their dreams. We foster creativity and recognize accomplishments. FWAY provides learning tools, writing guidance, and enriching educational activities to support young authors. Through FWA, our youth members have access to a network of writers, teachers, poets, editors, publishers, and agents.

Interested in becoming a Youth Chapter Leader? We are always looking for qualified recruits to consider hosting a local chapter in your local school, church, library, or community center. Please use this contact form for more information.